Control Valves

Fluids that are produced by energy consumption and thermal energy transfer in the plants should be controlled and transferred according to its purpose without having any loss. Automatic control valves are generally used in applications to stop, reduce (adjust) or allow the fluid flow in the piping system with the required time to perform control safety functions. Control valves can change the pressure,  fluid flow (flow rate) by an actuator and adjust the flow or change the fluid direction.

Control valves are produced as ball, high-performance butterfly, globe, segment, eccentric plug control valves according to the process applications.

Genel Sistem Dizayni offers solutions for control valves with its Indycon Globe Control Valves and Emerson Fischer, Sempell sub brands.

Globe Valve

High-Performance Butterfly Valves

Indycon Glob Kontrol Vanası

Ball Valve

Segment Ball Valve

Eccentric Plug Valve