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Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Heat Recovery Steam Generators provide obtaining beneficial steam from the exhaust gas resulting from combustion in the gas turbine. Gas turbine efficiency in a simple cycle is around 40%. But this rate can be increased to 60%-65% by using HRSG. Steam produced by HRSG can be used in process heating (cogeneration) or power generation by the steam turbine (CCPP). GSD is an authorized licensor of Nooter Eriksen with references of more than 1000 in Turkey and in the world. This means NE is the number 1 company in the Heat Recovery Steam Generators market.

Technological differences of Nooter Eriksen HRSG;

1. Pipe design with the horizontal draft, natural circulation and uncontrolled expansion

2. Capacity over 100 MW

3. Heat efficiency, maximum level in steam quality

4. Higher quality with less cost

5. Uninterrupted energy production

6. To continue to operate with  extremely low operating cost in the long term

GSD offers the most efficient and qualified solutions with the highest technology level in the best economic way by adding its engineering experience to Nooter Eriksen Heat Recovery Steam Generator superior features.