On-Off Valves

On-Off valves control the fluid if it is in the right position or not, allows or restricts the fluid to mix and stops the flow in emergency situations. It is expected that they do not exceed a certain leakage level in off position and minimize the pressure loss in on position.

In the industry, in addition to process flow applications, on-off valves are also used to transfer liquids in different process units as well. Water, steam and other fluids. There are similar features in heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries. These applications maybe normal process applications or high pressure, high-temperature applications.

On-Off valves are manufactured as per process applications such as ball, butterfly, gate, diaphragm, globe, plug or check valves.
Genel Sistem Dizayni offers inunique valve solutions in order to meet the requirements of the industry.

Ball Valve

Butterfly Valve

Globe Valve

Gate Valves

Check Valve

Diaphragm Valve

Plug Valve