Check Valve

They allow the flow to pass in one direction and stops the flow the other direction. Fluid passes in one direction easily and the opposite direction is not allowed.

Genel Sistem Dizayni offers solutions for check valves with Emerson, Newco Cameron Walworth, JC, and Swissfluid.

Emerson .Hancock  provides maximum reliability, high flow efficiency, and long life service for check valves. Emerson has “swing type” and “dual plate” check valve types. These valves can be used in many difficult applications. It prevents back flow.

Walworth provides check valves as “swing type” and dual plate. Walworth check valves have a compact structure providing easy installation, maintenance and low-cost benefit as well. Walworth check valves are silent operation valves. They do not make any noise while closing with their innovative design.

Newco Cameron check valves provide minimum limitation for low-speed environments and ideal to prevent backflow in one way horizontal flow piping applications. Newco check valves can be used safely in many applications.

JC check valves are used in many industries such as Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical and Power Plants. JC check valves support a smooth flow by full opening if needed.

Swissfluid fully coated check valves are especially used high corrosive applications.

They are suitable for horizontal and vertical piping systems.

Swissfluid check valves provide positive closing with a few pressure differences.