GSD Industrial Bypass Stacks/Stacks

In Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Plants, there are chimneys with diverting dampers at the exhaust outlets of the Gas Turbines, between them and the waste heat recovery boilers (HRSG). The waste heat of the produced energy is discharged to the atmosphere in accordance with environmental conditions and standards, with special chimneys specially designed for each turbine.

Chimneys are special manufacturing equipment, produced without insulation or with internal and external insulation, with or without silencer, diameters from 2 to 7 meters, and heights in the range of 20-100 meters, according to the capacities of gas turbines.

As with silencers, acoustic targets, flow requirements, pressure drop, temperature are important design parameters in chimney manufacturing.

Connecting the Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (HRSG), which is one of the important equipment in Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Plants, to the Gas Turbine exhaust line is done by means of the Diverter Dampers integrated into the exhaust chimney. Thus, the waste heat in the gas turbine exhaust is transferred directly to the waste heat recovery boiler and the steam needed by the power plant is produced and transmitted to the steam turbine.

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