LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Tanks

GSD / 3S  is capable of designing and manufacturing Spherical, Cylindrical and Underground Tanks as per ASME and EN standards.We design, manufacture, install, build and maintain your spherical, horizontal and vertical cylindrical and underground tank requirements, which are among the needs of oil and gas sector storage facilities, in accordance with AD-2000 Merkblatt, ASME U, ASME U2 directives.Our manufacturing capability for spherical, horizontal and vertical cylindrical and underground tank is possible with our deep engineering expertise and our GSD / 3S factory’s strong machinery equipment; precise temperature controlled annealing furnace, heavy wall plate bending machine, and narrow gap SAW welding systems. Particularly our welding expertise is important for quick delivery and economical price.As GSD, beside manufacturing of spherical, horizontal and vertical cylindrical and underground tanks to Refineries, LPG Filling Terminals, LPG Storage Facilities, Mineral Oil Production and Storage, Chemical, Petrochemical Storage Facilities, Power Plants and Industrial Facilities, we also undertake turnkey contracting, EPC, engineering, construction, procurement, assembly, commissioning, maintenance services of these industrial plants.We handle each project with experienced engineering and skilled craftsmanship and using the latest and cutting-edge tools and technology, with a focus on your satisfaction.QA/QC systems are in place to provide the necessary quality assurance  and quality documentation as per the relevant  ASME and EN standards required for such Spherical, Cylindrical and Underground Tanks.