Level Measurement

Schneider Electric Foxboro Buoyancy type level transmitters with high technology can measure the density of industrial liquids. Extremely robust, reliable, virtually maintenance-free Schneider Electric Schneider Electric Foxboro level transmitters also provide very accurate measurements. They are manufactured with stainless steel, inconel, duplex or hastelloy C wet part materials, and with ex-proof and instrinsically safe applications with different ATEX certificates to withstand hard processes. They can be configured easily with LCD indicator and push buttons and they are available with HART and Foundation Fieldbus communication protocols. Schneider Electric Schneider Electric Foxboro Radar Level meters offer the widest range and reliable solutions for level measurements. In addition to being a durable equipment, the user-friendly Schneider Electric Schneider Electric Foxboro level measurement equipment, which can rotate 360 ​​° C, mounted on the side and top, and fit in the existing area, has the feature of making continuous level measurement in a wide range with its electronics that can be mounted up to 100 meters away.