Buoyancy Level Transmitters

Schneider Electric Foxboro 244LD series Buoyancy Level Transmitters measure the level, interface and density of different fluids. Their diameters are DN 70/80/100 ANSI 3 “and 4”. Accuracy is +/- 0,2% and they can work up to 500 bar pressure under full vacuum. Process Temperature is -196 … + 500 ° C and they have the ability to measure up to 5 meters. Body materials can be 316L Stainless Steel, 321, Duplex, Inconel 625,825, Carbon steel and Hastelloy C. The housing material can be Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Electrical Classifications are ATEX ia / d, FM, CSA, GOST-R, NEPSI, INMETRO, SIL2 and NACE. HART and Foundation Fieldbus communication types, IP 66 protected devices also accessories such as displacer element, displacer chamber, flange can also be configured with Schneider Electric Foxboro 244LD series.