kojenerasyon nedir?


Cogeneration is a process where both electric energy and heat energy are produced together. This provides a more economic solution than producing them seperately. A gas turbine or its engine in a simple cycle which only produces electricity can convert 30-40% of the energy it used. When this system is used as cogeneration system, it will convert most of the exhausted heat energy as waste can be converted to useful energy and 70-90% of this energy input can be used. This technique is called “combined heat – power systems “or shortly called “cogeneration.”

Basically, electric energy production is the combustion of the fuel and converting the chemical energy to mechanical energy and then converting this to electrical energy by means of a generator. It is a process where the heat obtained from 400-500 °C hot exhaust gas as combustion product air passing through heat exchangers to obtain steam or hot water.

GSD installs, Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, including mechanical and electrical installation, construction of turnkey natural gas Cogeneration plants in EPC basis.

Biogas-Fuel Cogeneration System

Biogas is a mixture of gases obtained by biomethane processes (airless decay – biodegradation – microbial decomposition – anaerobic fermentation) in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, in the presence of various groups of microorganisms.

Biogas is also called as “Marsh Gas,” “Fertilizer Gas” or “Gobar Gas.” Biogas is a colorless, burnable gas whichconsistsmethane and carbon dioxide and includes small amounts of hydrogen sulfate, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon monoxide.

Usually, 40-60% of the organic substance is converted to biogas. The general compound of the biogas is 60% CH4 and 40% CO2 and the heating value is 17-25 MJ/m3. The remaining residue is a scentless solid or liquid waste suitable for use as a fertilizer. A clean environment is achieved as a result of biogas applications. For this reason, it is very important for the country’s economy that the biogas is considered with all its sub-products and as a product that is not disposed of and to organize the studies from this perspective.

Biogas is an energy source that can be used parallel with the fields of natural gas. The Biogas usage areas can be listed as follows ;

  • Heating by direct burning
  • Transportation by using as motor fuel
  • Electric power generation by using as turbine fuel
  • Using in fuel batteries
  • Decreasing the costby adding to existing natural gas
  • Using of biogas during the production of chemical materials