Industrial Valves

The valve is an industrial product that can control , stop, mix, or change the direction and / or amount, pressure or temperature of the fluid. There are 3 types of industrial valves: On-off, Control and Relief Valves. GSD has been the Turkey representative of the world’s leading industrial valve manufacturers (such asPentair, Keystone, Sempell, Vanessa, Tyco, Yarway, Clarkson, Anderson Greenwood) from past up to day. GSD is still thesolution partner of Emerson and high qualified valve manufacturers such as Walworth, Cameron/Newco, JC, Swissfluid, TTV.

GSD has been the representative of many different valve manufacturers for various sectors in almost all difficult processes.GSD also provides services to the Turkish and World markets with the Indycon Globe Control Valve. In addition to our comprehensive and special product range we touch all inquiries and problems from an engineering perspective.Finding solutions as per customer requirements, makes our company one of the leading companies in this market for years.

With all those products and high-level engineering team, GENEL SİSTEM DİZAYNI A.Ş. is your “Complete Solution Partner” in Industrial valves.

On-Off Valves

Control Valves

Relief Valves