Globe Valve

A globe valve works by cutting and opening the fluid flow by a plug connected to the edge of a shaft placing on or removing away from the flow hole.

Genel Sistem Dizayni offers globe valves in two ways : “bolted bonnet” and “pressure seal.” Genel Sistem Dizayni offers globe valve solutions with Emerson, JC, Newco Cameron, and Walworth brands.

Emerson Globe valves provides its users high performance and reliability. Emerson supports to satisfy your needs in various applications from small to large, hot to cold and general to severe. For isolation applications, Emerson offers solutions with its sub-brands Hancock,  Sampell and Yarway as globe valve.

Walworth has “bolted bonnet” and “pressure seal” solutions. It has a great application area due to its wide body material and inner trim material having process pressure. Walworth has ‘’API600’’, ‘’API602’’ and ‘’API603’’ compliance certificates.

Newco Cameron also offers solutions for ‘’bolted bonnet’’ and ‘’pressure seal’’. Newco offers solutions as Cast Steel, Forged Steel and Stainless Steel with a very wide range of valve sizes and inner trim material types. Newco globe valve’s flow characteristics are repeatable, consistent in different gaps and easy to control.

JC globe valves offer high-quality solutions for pressure seal and bolted bonnet. JC globe valves provide solutions for many applications with their wide working range of pressure and material types.