Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve performs its duty as opening or shutting the fluid flow by rotating the centered or eccentric flat disk hole as 90°.

Genel Sistem Dizayni offers butterfly valve solutions in two main groups such as on-off and control valves. High-performance butterfly valves (offset valves) of EMERSON TTV, Newco Cameron and Walworth brands are used for on-off applications. For Lined Butterfly Valves, we propose Emerson TTV and Swissfluid.

Emerson High-performance Butterfly Valves and Lined Butterfly Valves have a wide portfolio from general use to heavy-duty isolation and throttling applications. There are sub-brands for Emerson butterfly valves. These are Keystone, triple eccentric Vanessa and Virgo, Keystone and Neotecha for  lined valves. At the same time, Emerson Fisher and Emerson Vanessa butterfly valves are also used as control valves.

TTV also offers solutions for high-performance butterfly valves and lined butterfly valves. High performance butterfly valves are available with single or  dual eccentric designed valves. TTV has a very wide fields of usage.

Walworth offers a triple eccentric high-performance butterfly valve. It can be worked as manual, air or with operator. Walworth has a wide product range due to its wide range of sizes and resistance to high pressures.

Newco Cameron has high-performance butterfly valves with triple eccentric  solutions.

Newco has a wide product range due to its wide pressure range, material and body configurations.

Swissfluid offers a solution for the Lined Butterfly Valves. Swissfluid butterfly valves are proved as high quality process valves for many different applications. It is used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, mining and other industries.