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Large Capacity Deaerator

GSD / 3S has the know how to design and manufacture large capacity deaerators.  Typically a 1000 t/h capacity deaerator is well within our capability. Storage tanks up to 6000 mm diameter and 12000 mm length can be manufactured in our GSD / 3S factory.We have thermal and pressure design tools and engineering experience to design the deaerator that can reach the target oxygen level as per ASME, EN standards.Our engineering expertise for designing these critical service deaerator vessels is extensive. All the necessary software are available, ensuring correct wall thickness, nozzle design and welding specifications.Our manufacturing capability for deaerator vessels is possible with our deep engineering expertise and our GSD / 3S factory’s strong machinery equipment; precise temperature controlled annealing furnace, heavy wall plate bending machine, and narrow gap SAW welding systems. Particularly our welding expertise is important for quick delivery and economical price.Typically we design large capacity deaerators for district heating systems and Power boilers (Fired or heat recovery steam generators, HRSG). As GSD, beside manufacturing of large capacity deaerators, we also undertake turnkey contracting, EPC, engineering, construction, procurement, erection, commissioning, maintenance services of industrial plants.Vacuum or positive pressure deaerators, ejectors,   spray valves, trays are within our scope of supply of big capacity deaerator offering.QA/QC systems are in place to provide the necessary quality assurance  and quality documentation as per the relevant  ASME and EN standards required for such large capacity deaerators.