The main principle of the GSD service department which is continuously renewing its know-how is to offer “failure preventive maintenance services” with their experienced engineers and technicians.

GSD offers service for maintenance and repair of many automation systems together withinstruments and valves with 100%original equipment.
We have two fully equippedservice workshops within our company for Mechanical Valve maintenance and Instrument maintenance.

All maintenance and repair of the products and devices are performed by the authorized service team.

GSD is a company who has the best service team in the industrial automation field. Our principles that make us one of the best are;

– Experienced technical team,

– Fully equipped field service team,

– Fully equipped Mechanic Valve Maintenance Workshop,

– Fully equipped Instrumentation Maintenance Workshop

– Service in field, able to be at site within 24 hours,

– Wide range of spare part stock.

You can contact us from 0090 216 458 48 48 phone number or submit your requests by Contact Form.