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Fields of Activity

Energy & Industrial Contract (EPC)

GSD provides service on the basis of EPC regarding the requirements of power plants and industrial facilities : Engineering, Production, Supply, Installation, and Commissioning.

GSD performs power and industrial facility applications in many different sectors with success by sticking to the principle of appropriate and expert staff in their fields. GSD is one of the few capable companies in Turkey who can provide turnkey projects for such facilities. Today, “GSD Engineering Team”, with a position of authority in know how and experience, also increases the respectability of Turkish Engineers.

Equipment Production & Supply (Industrial Valve Production)

In general, GSD has been the representative ofdifferent valve manufacturers for processes in almost all sectors that are not easy to handle.
In addition to the product groups of therepresented companies, GSD also offers service to the Turkish Industry and World markets with the Indycon Globe Control Valve.Indyconis a fully domestic product andproduced by GSD since the early 2000s. Indycon is designed by Turkish engineers, produced by Turkish technical employees and Know-How is generated and owned by GSD.

Industrial Valve & Instrument Sales

Since its establishment, GSD has been theRepresentative of the world’s leading industrial valve manufacturers. GSD isa solution partner in Turkey of well-known and advanced technology, premium quality valve manufacturers such as Emerson, Cameron/Newco, Walworth.

As of 1993, GSD has added a new industrial solution to its portfolio and startedsales and marketing of measuring/control equipment of Schneider Foxboro company which has a very special product range for Oil and Gas,Petrochemical, Power, Textile, other heavy dutyprocess applications.

Our company has many important references in this field with our high knowledge Instrumentation Team and can offer suitable solutions for every industry.

Industrial Automation

GSD is the first local company that implementedthe programming,installation of automation systems in Turkey. GSD offers services for software, hardware, procurement and installation of automationsystems.

It is possible to mention many different references in different sectors : Textile, Chemistry, Petrochemical, Energy, Steam Power Plants, Tank Fields, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Food and Beverage, Yarn/Cord Fabric, Mining, Organized Industrial Zones etc. In many fields GSD has installed DCS, PLC, SCADA, ESD, Operation Units, Motion Control, Conventional Control, and special software applications.


GSD Service Department consists of experienced engineers and technicians, who are continuously updating their technology know-how. The main principle of GSD service department is to provide “fault preventive maintenance services.”

The maintenance and repair of many automation systems andinstruments are accomplished with 100% qualified original equipment.
We havetwofully equippedservice workshops for “ Mechanical Valve Maintenance” and “Instrument Maintenance” in our premises.

All maintenance and repair of the sold and manufactured products and equipment are performed by the authorized service department.

Steel and Pressure Parts Production (3S)

In our factorySCIENTIFIC STEEL STRUCTURES (3S) , all kinds of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel 11/22/91, Stainless Steel materials can be processed. 3S has an established QA/QC system, fully complies withhealth and safety requirements, customer focus , advanced IT system and advanced level engineering skills. This allows us to providefirst-class “Industrial heavy duty “ Production capability

3S has the qualified personnel who can propose engineering, production and installation services for steel constructions.

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