Globe Valve

Indycon Globe Control Valve is a fully local product that is produced by GSD since the early 2000s, designed by Turkish engineers, produced and  cast by Turkish workers and Know-How is owned by our company. Indycon Globe Valves are used in low and medium level process applications and manufactured with the options below. In general, for most of the hard applications, GSD offers Indycon Globe Control Valve for the Turkish Industry and World markets.

Emerson offers globe control valves as Fisher, Sempell.  Emerson globe valves have a wide range of sizes and provide users high performance and safety. Some of the most typical applications of Emerson globe valves are Cooling Water Systems, Fuel Systems, Feed Water or Chemical Feed Water Systems, Boiler and main steam pipes and drains and turbine lubrication systems.

Fisher™ D4 Control Valve

Fisher™ easy-e™ ET Control Valve

Fisher™ GX Control Valve

Fisher™ HP Series Control Valves