GSD Bypass Stacks Diverter Dampers

The Bypass Stack Diverter Damper, manufactured by GSD, has a technological system that transfers the high temperature (500-700 C) and volumetric exhaust gas from the Gas Turbine to the atmosphere through a bypass chimney or to a Waste Heat Recovery Boiler (HRSG). In addition to its high capacity, it has features that meet norms and standards in terms of geometric sealing, sealing pressure and closing time.

GSD Bypass Stack Diverter Dampers also provide a fast transition from simple cycle power plant plants to combined cycle systems (waste heat recovery boilers and steam turbine power generation).

GSD Bypass Stack Diverter Dampers are designed to withstand temperatures up to 700 °C, vibrations and gas turbulence as well as high wear of components. Geometric sealing around the damper circumference is more than 99.95% effective. The sum of all residual voids in the free air passage section is less than 0.05% (less than 0.01% in some special applications). This percentage is the measure of residual leak areas between the wing and the landing bar along the entire wing circumference.

In addition, GSD Bypass Stack Diverter Dampers are equipped with an air tightness system that ensures 100% (full tightness) sealing on the exhaust gases. Air tightness pressure is > + 500 mm wc. GSD Bypass Stack Diverter Damper is equipped with a hydraulic actuator, which gives it an on/off time of 90 seconds in normal operation and 20 seconds in emergency. GSD Bypass Stack Diverter Dampers are designed and manufactured to achieve even shorter on/off times. Sealing elements have a service life of up to 10 years. Additional benefits include self-lubricating, high-temperature, maintenance-free internal bearings and solutions for internal thermal-acoustic insulation. GSD Bypass Stack Diverter Dampers can be delivered in several parts for field assembly or fully assembled (in one piece).

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