Automation is transferring the partial or full workload to the machines in order to use the manpower more efficiently. Automation systems that are now essential for the industry, operate processes faster, uninterruptable, standard and reliable.

GSD is the leader of the market in automation system installations as the first local company. Together with the systems that GSD installed, the facilities have gained time, quality, cost saving, speed , reliability and increased the profitability. Regarding the automation systems, GSD offers service for software, hardware, supply, project engineering, application, commissioning usingsuitable solutions and r technologies. Our team has many years of knowledge and experience in the DCS/PLC and SCADA based automation system solutions.

It is possible to mention many different sectors regarding the references: Textile, Chemistry, Oil & Gas Refinery, Petrochemical, Energy Plants, Steam Power Plants, LPG & Fuel Tank Fields, Water Treatment, Food & Beverage, Yarn/Cord Fabric, Mining , Organized Industrial Zones… In all those fields GSD has applied DCS, PLC Systems (PLC PAC), SCADA-HMI, ESD, Operation Units, Motion Control, Conventional Control, and special software applications.