Eckardt Positioners

Schneider Electric Foxboro ECKARDT valve positioners monitor the positions of valve actuators and bring them to the desired position according to the incoming control signal. ECKARDT valve positioners are used in linear and rotary valves. Positioners are used when the 0.2 to 1 bar pressure in the diaphragm chamber does not override the friction and high differential pressures inside the actuators. Eckardt positioner is mounted on the actuator, and attached to the actuator’s shaft with a feedback lever to monitor the valve position. When a control signal wants to change the position of the valve actuator, ECKARDT valve positioner sends the power required to move the actuator until the positioner reaches the correct position, with the help of a high pressure air supply. There are four types of Schneider Electric Foxboro Eckardt positioners: pneumatic, electronic, electro-pneumatic and digital. IS (intrinsically safe) Eckardt valve positioners do not create any spark or heat effect that may cause gas mixtures to explode. Eckardt devices for high temperature and corrosive appllications are selected as stainless steel. They may have different specifications according to the application, feature and certificates. Eckardt positioners are used in many industries such as automotive, food, chemistry, medical, oil & gas, refinery, energy.
Schneider Electric Foxboro Eckardt positioner is used in the following situations:
* When precise and accurate valve positioning is required.
* When valve response is desired to be accelerated, Eckardt positioners use high pressure and more air flow to adjust the valve position.
* To provide the high pressure needed in a situation where the actuator and valve must respond.
* To make the nonlinear actuator as linear.