Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP)

Mainly, Combined Cycle Power Plants depend on the principle of generating an additional energy by using the high-temperature exhaust gases emitted using the gas turbine / engine in the water / steam cycle.

Natural gas is burned in the combustors of gas turbines and the expanding gas generates energy by rotating gas turbine blades.
An approximate 550-600 C hot gasexiting from the exhaust is transmitted to the waste heat boiler.

The steam obtained in waste heat boilers is transferred to steam turbines to obtain an energy again from the waste heat.

It is possible to reach 55-60% efficiency for Combined Cycle Power Plants, substantially highwhen compared to simplecycle.

The main activity of GSD is contracting and installing Gas Turbines, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, including Steam Turbines, turnkey Natural Gas Cogeneration Plants on EPC basis.