Vortex Flowmeters

Schneider Electric Foxboro Vortex Flowmeters 84 Series are 4-20 mA HART communication, PN10-160 bar (class 150 to 1500) pressure class in diameters from DN15 to DN300, different types are available for Sandwich, In-line, flanged or hygienic applications. Vortex flowmeters provides good solutions for liquid, gas and steam applications. Tube material is 316/304 stainless steel. Schneider Electric Foxboro Vortex Flowmeters can be ATEX, IECEx, CSA, FM, NEPSI … approved Electrical classificaitons. Piezo-electric sensor is a lifetime sensor guaranteed flow meter that is not affected by vibration. Accuracy is 0,50% for liquids, 1% for gas and steam, 1,40% for saturated steam, and has an option for 427 ° C high temperature applications.