Gate Valves

Gate valves perform their duty by closing and opening the fluid flow between two sealing gaskets by a sliding disc perpendicular to flow direction. The slide can be either monoblock or multipart. It is preferred for them to work fully open or fully closed.

Genel Sistem Dizayni Gate Valves provides solutions as three parts: “bolted bonnet,” “pressure seal” and “knife gate.” Genel Sistem Dizayni submits its solutions with Emerson Hancock , Fasani,Sempell,  JC, Newco Cameron, and Walworth.

Emerson has its own solutions with the sub-brands for three sections : ‘’bolted bonnet,’’ ‘’pressure seal’’ and ‘’knife gate.’’ Bolted bonnet solutions are provided with Fasani and Hancock. Emeson’s pressure seal solutions are Fasani and Sempell sub-brands. For knife gate GSD provides solutions with Emerson, Clarkson and Keystone.

Walworth has ‘’bolted bonnet’’ and ‘pressure seal’’ solutions. It has a very wide application range due to its wide range of body materials inner trim materials and process pressures. Walworth has a compliance of ‘’API600’’, ‘’API602’’ and ‘’API603’’.

Newco Cameron also offers solutions for ‘’bolted bonnet’’ and ‘’pressure seal’’. Newco offers solutions as Cast Steel, Forged Steel and Stainless Steel and has a very wide product range of valve sizes and inner trim materials.

JC brand gate valves offer high-quality solutions for pressure seal and bolted bonnet. JC gate valve bodies are designed to provide a laminar flow. This means minimum turbulence and flow resistance.